Monday, December 21, 2009

Missing Fighter Engines - A Fishy Explanation
A Kadir Jasin

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SHOULD we be happy and jump with joy at the news that a brigadier-general and 40 other armed forces personnel were sacked for alleged involvement in missing RMAF jet engines incident?

The New Straits Times headlined today that they were given the boot late last year after Air Force jet engines worth RM50 million went missing.

Why alleged? What then is the “real” truth behind this dastardly, shameful, treacherous act?

Why only an internal inquiry? Why not a full-blown investigation and trial by a civil or military authority?

Why not a court martial? If these people could steal and sell their own equipment, what is there to stop them from surrendering to the enemies when their lives are at stake?

Something is amiss. Where was the Minister in-charge when this alleged crime was committed? Where were the generals, the secretary-general and the internal auditors? Sleeping?

Something is fishy. Why just an internal inquiry? Why just gave them the boot?
This is an act of treason. Why were they not court-martialed?

I have no answer. It’s too mind-boggling. It defies logics.

Here, I strongly feel that there’s a very strong reason to call for the setting up of an independent royal commission.

Satu Malaysia malu dan terancam akibat perbuatan khianat ini atau adakah ia ibarat kata pepatah, kalau tidak ada-ada, masakan tempua bersarang rendah.
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