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Sime Darby: No Truth In Allegations
A Kadir Jasin

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ON Friday, Aug. 20th I sent an e-mail to Dr Tracey Goh at Sime Darby Berhad. I had dealt with her before on matters pertaining to the company. So, when I received an SMS alleging certain improprieties in the company, I sent my query to her.

The following is my e-mail to Dr Goh.

“Dear MS Tracey,

1. Wonder if you are still at Sime. If you are, I have the following queries:

A. Is it true that only three (3) out out 200 shortlisted candidates for SD scholarship are Bumiputeras?

B. Is it true that one Franky Anthony is being appointed SD CEO for Indonesia?

I need response because SMS to that effect had been sent to me by Perkasa.

I may reflect the situation in my blog i.e to confirm or deny the allegations.

Thank you.”

During the weekend I received an SMS from an old colleague from the New Straits Times days, Othman Abu Bakar, who is now the head of communication at Sime Darby, saying that my e-mail to Dr Goh had been referred to him and he would be responding.

Today, Othman sent me the following e-mail (I am publishing it in full and unedited):

“Salam Dato'. As communicated earlier, below are Sime Darby's replies regarding Mr. Franki Anthony and Sime Darby scholarship recipients.

Please contact me if you need further clarifications.

1. On Mr. Franki Anthony

Mr. Franki Anthony was appointed as Acting Executive VP of the Plantation & Agribusiness Division on 13 May 2010. He was appointed Chief Operating Officer of PT Minamas in Indonesia in 2004, and assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Company in 2007.

His appointment as Acting Executive Vice-President of Plantation and Agribusiness Division was the collective decision of the SD Board and has the support of the SD Management based on his vast experience in the plantation industry which spans over 20 years. It was made in the best interests of our shareholders, among them PNB and EPF.

Franki took over from Dato' Azhar Abdul Hamid who was made the Acting President/GCE (APGCE) following changes in the SD top management in mid-May. Dato' Azhar was subsequently made Special Advisor to the APGCE after Dato' Mohd Bakke Salleh was appointed as the APGCE on 15 July 2010. Dato' Azhar has since made known his attention to retire from the Company once his contract expires in November 2010.

Sime Darby would like to state as pure speculation the following allegations:

i.. That Franki is up for confirmation as MD of Sime Darby Plantation during Board meeting to be held on Aug 24 - He continues to be Acting Executive Vice President of the Plantation Division until such time when the Nomination Commitee and the Board find him suitable and qualified to be appointed to the post.

ii. That he practices "non-Malay interest and non-Malaysia interest" - Franki has so far discharged his duties fairly, irrespective of race, during the course of his duty at PT Minamas and in Sime Darby Plantation. Since Franki's appointment as Acting Executive Vice-President of the Plantation and Agribusiness Division, there were no major recruitment nor changes made to to the structure of the Division.

iii. That he plans to appoint a non-Malay and a non-Malaysian for PT Minamas - The appointment of any senior position within the Group, including PT Minamas, is the prerogative of the Sime Darby top management and after a rigorous selection process.

2. On YSD Scholarships

From 1 July 2009 to 27 July 2010, Yayasan Sime Darby awarded the majority of its Malaysian scholarships to Malay students.

The breakdown is as follows:

Malays - 63.46%
Chinese - 25.64%
Indians - 10.90%

Therefore, the claim that Malays received less YSD scholarships than the other races is untrue.”

Since I stated in my e-mail to Dr Goh that I might reflect this communication in my blog, so here it is. Thank you.
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