Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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1. I came home from Yemen on Thursday, Dec 25th. It was Christmas Day and offices were closed. I was tired and appreciated the holiday. I was too tired to visit Christian friends even. I merely wished them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, via my blog.

2. The next day I went to work. Kuala Lumpur was quite empty. Then I realised that many, including Government servants had decided to take Friday off, so that they could have a really long holiday because Saturday and Sunday would be weekends and as a bonus Monday would also be a holiday being the 1st of the Muslim New Year. Five days holiday. We can go round the world in that time.

3. But after Monday holiday, workers in the public and private sectors can take time off for two days until Jan 1st when we will have another holiday. If we are smart we can actually have eight days holiday. Time to fly two times round the world.

4. What about work? Not to worry. During that time the Government and the private companies will be on automatic. Aircraft can fly on auto-pilot safely. We are on the ground. We will not crash.

5. It shows that we really don't need a Government. It will just coast along even if no one is steering it. That is how good we have become at governing.

6. I am sorry for the poor policemen and other staff who have to be on duty during the holidays.

7. Have a nice holiday - or is it "holidays".

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