Saturday, December 20, 2008


Communication is the articulation of sending messages through different media, whether it is verbal or non-verbal and it is a learned skill. Speaking, listening and our ability to understand others can be developed. We learn basic communication skills by observing other people and we also are taught directly through education.

The English Communication and Proficiency Seminar is designed to improve your communication skills with learning materials rich in practical content and a systematic approach to participant management in a modern and technologically rich environment.

With the talaqi concept (one on one approach), all participants will have the opportunity to interact with our facilitators and feel the atmosphere of practical learning.
The modules for this one day seminar cover the following areas;

English Grammar
• Writing Skills
• Reading
• Conversation
• Public Speaking

We also carry out soft skills training for government agencies and private sectors. We run motivational courses, seminars, strategic management programs, Organizational Communication, Leadership Training and Media Relations awareness.

We render translation services in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Our office is sited near KLIA. Please feel free to contact us:
016-622 0603
E-mail: semalamdijakarta@
http://www.magenta. myportal. my

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